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Correct Work From The Beginning

Arex is committed to the research and application of advanced industrial technology, with a high-quality technical team that can provide innovative solutions and high-quality technical support.

There is nothing that can affect the overall cost and reliability of a PCB more than the initial design of the PCB from the very beginning. That's why all Arex employees will work with you to understand your and product requirements. Our local design support team can provide advice on value engineering plans. Their goal is to help you achieve the most cost-effective PCB production optimal design or redesign through prototyping to mass production... 

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Deliver In Time

Arex has accumulated rich freight experience in multiple countries and is able to provide customized logistics solutions based on customer needs and business characteristics, helping customers improve their work efficiency and reduce costs.

The right PCB design produced in the right factory is the basic factor to ensure on-time delivery. Our teams in local sales offices and on-site at the factory monitor daily updates from the factory to ensure your PCB is delivered on time.Scheduled production capacity of main factories...

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Excellent Performance

We know that maintaining close contact with our PCB factory is crucial, both geographically and personally, for outstanding performance. This enables us to establish long-term cooperative relationships with our factories, thereby providing reliable and high-quality PCBs.

Below you will find important key areas for maximizing plant performance. It is not difficult to find a suitable PCB factory to collaborate with, but it is difficult to find a reliable factory. We seek and ensure the quality process of suitable factories to ensure that we always have factories that meet customer requirements. Finding and developing the best factories requires extensive professional knowledge. The procurement process we describe below tells us how to approve our factory.

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Prototyping For Volume Production

Arex strictly controls product design, production, and quality control to ensure that the products provided have excellent quality and reliability, meeting customer needs.

There are often differences in the technical capabilities between prototype and mass production factories, and any differences can lead to inefficient and time-consuming processes. Our PCB prototype process narrows the gap between batch and prototype production and ensures that your PCB prototype is ready for mass production. Our local technical personnel conduct DFM checks on layout, stacking, required substrates, and other technical features and tolerances. This ensures that the design is optimized for batch production, while enabling us to provide designs that meet the requirements of PCB prototypes...

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