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Prototyping For Volume Production

Arex strictly controls product design, production, and quality control to ensure that the products provided have excellent quality and reliability, meeting customer needs.

There are often differences in the technical capabilities between prototype and mass production factories, and any differences can lead to inefficient and time-consuming processes. Our PCB prototype process narrows the gap between batch and prototype production and ensures that your PCB prototype is ready for mass production. Our local technical personnel conduct DFM checks on layout, stacking, required substrates, and other technical features and tolerances. This ensures that the design is optimized for batch production, while enabling us to provide designs that meet the requirements of PCB prototypes and batch delivery time, ultimately avoiding the hassle of having to redesign after transitioning to batch production.

As a customer, you don't need to deal with multiple different suppliers to achieve this goal. We take full responsibility for the entire product life-cycle (from design to end of life or spare parts). Our goal is to shorten your time to market.