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HDI PCB High Density Interconnect PCB

HDI PCB (High Density Interconnect PCB) is a high-density interconnect circuit board used to achieve more connections and higher density in limited space. It is typically used in complex electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The HDI PCB circuit board adopts a series of advanced manufacturing technologies, such as micro circuits, blind buried holes, embedded resistors, and interlayer interconnections. These technologies enable HDI PCBs to achieve higher connection density and more complex circuit designs in relatively small sizes.

Due to the manufacturing process and high precision requirements of HDI PCB circuit boards, the manufacturing cost of HDI PCB is usually higher compared to traditional ordinary circuit boards. This is because HDI PCBs require the use of more complex processes and advanced equipment to achieve their high density and complexity.

In addition, the design and layout of HDI PCB circuit boards also require more engineer resources and time investment to ensure the reliability and performance of the circuit.

Therefore, in general, the manufacturing cost of HDI PCB circuit boards is higher than that of traditional circuit boards. However, the specific cost influencing factors are also influenced by many other factors, such as the required number of layers, line width/spacing, aperture requirements, etc.

    product introduction

    HDI PCB is suitable for products with crucial electrical performance and noise suppression. The advantages of HDI PCB include
    HDI technology reduces the overall size of the product and improves electrical performance.
    Strong impedance control and impressive high-frequency transmission capability

    Application of HDI PCB Printed Circuit Board

    ● Battery switch
    ● Power distributor
    ● Motor control

    LED application control
    ● Automotive, industrial, communication electronics products
    ● Satellites, micro systems

    HDI PCB High Density Interconnect PCB


    AREX´s technical specification

    Number of layers

    4 – 22 layers standard, 30 layers advanced

    Technology highlights

    Multilayer boards with a higher connection pad density than standard boards, with finer lines/spaces, smaller via holes and capture pads allowing microvias to only penetrate select layers and also be placed in surface pads.

    HDI builds

    1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3,4+N+4, any layer / ELIC, Ultra HDI in R&D


    FR4 standard, FR4 high performance, Halogen free FR4, Rogers

    Copper weights (finished)

    18μm – 70μm

    Minimum track and gap

    0.075mm / 0.075mm

    PCB thickness

    0.40mm – 3.20mm

    Maxmimum dimensions

    610mm x 450mm; dependant upon laser drilling machine

    Surface finishes available

    OSP, ENIG, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, Electrolytic gold, Gold fingers

    Minimum mechanical drill


    Minimum laser drill

    0.10mm standard, 0.075mm advanced