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Excellent performance

We know that maintaining close contact with our PCB factory is crucial, both geographically and personally, for outstanding performance. This enables us to establish long-term cooperative relationships with our factories, thereby providing reliable and high-quality PCBs.

Below you will find important key areas for maximizing plant performance. It is not difficult to find a suitable PCB factory to collaborate with, but it is difficult to find a reliable factory. We seek and ensure the quality process of suitable factories to ensure that we always have factories that meet customer requirements. Finding and developing the best factories requires extensive professional knowledge. The procurement process we describe below tells us how to approve our factory.

Our quality strategy for on-site monitoring and improving performance includes collaborating directly with factories on site. Our quality engineers are directly responsible for the performance of the factory, as well as building relationships and actively collaborating with them to achieve improvement. Our quality control engineer confirms that the PCB is manufactured and validated according to our specifications. Select and train factory employees in our main factory, with a dedicated team consisting of factory employees, including production controllers, customer service, pre-production engineers, and inspection teams, all selected by Arex. Our team is committed to processing, preparing, and controlling your order. Each team member receives 40 additional hours of training annually, related to Arex's requirements.

We focus on customer experience and provide comprehensive after-sales service, including timely technical support, maintenance, and training to ensure that customers receive timely support and assistance during use.