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Correct Work From The Beginning

Arex is committed to the research and application of advanced industrial technology, with a high-quality technical team that can provide innovative solutions and high-quality technical support.

There is nothing that can affect the overall cost and reliability of a PCB more than the initial design of the PCB from the very beginning. That's why all Arex employees will work with you to understand your and product requirements. Our local design support team can provide advice on value engineering plans. Their goal is to help you achieve the most cost-effective PCB production optimal design or redesign through prototyping to mass production. Our technical personnel have years of experience in PCB production, especially on how to produce PCBs without compromising your design goals.

Efficient engineering process providing correct specifications.

Over 30% of the data packets we receive contain elements or features that require clarification. Extending the Engineering Problem (EQ) process will have a negative impact on your total cost. Therefore, our technical personnel work systematically to clarify the uncertainties in your specifications. This work method is more efficient, helps to complete the engineering problem process faster, and shortens the time to market.

Arex have developed a unique quotation process. During this process, our quotation system is connected to the database of our approved factories and their capabilities. This will generate a qualified quotation that best meets your manufacturing specifications, technology, quantity, and delivery time requirements. In addition, our knowledge and experience enable us to ensure the selection of the most suitable factory for the project during the quotation stage.