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about us

about us

AREX was established in 2004 to provide one-stop services for PCB manufacturing, component procurement, PCB assembly and testing.

We have PCB factory and SMT production line by our own side, as well as a variety of professional testing equipment.

In the meanwhile, the company has experienced professional technical research and development team, excellent sales and customer service team, sophisticated procurement team and assembly test team, which would ensure the product quality efficiently.   We have the advantage of competitive price, products completion in time and sustainable quality in business.

Founded in 2004


20 years experience


More than 12 products


Product Application Areas


AREX has been deeply involved in the electronic circuit industry for decades and is a global advanced digital manufacturing provider of electronic circuit solutions. It has mastered core technologies and key product mass production capabilities in the field of integrated circuit board production and manufacturing. 
Its product layout covers the field of electronic hardware three-level packaging, building a new digital model for electronic circuit design and manufacturing, and providing customers with high-value overall solutions from design to testing delivery.

    The company has industry-leading production equipment, inspection equipment, and comprehensive process flow, as well as an experienced manufacturing management team.   All PCB processes can be completed independently, providing customers with various difficult and special printed circuit boards.


The products produced are widely used in high-tech fields such as automotive electronics, industrial control, new energy, smart home appliances, 5G communication, medical instruments, security electronics, aerospace, etc. 30% of the products are exported to Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and other regions.


welcome to cooperation !

AREX actively participates in the technological progress of its partners, continuously refines complex manufacturing processes, and aligns its technical capabilities with international advanced levels.    In fields such as communication, data centers, industrial control, healthcare, and consumer electronics, it has won the continuous trust of global benchmark customers.

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